Minecraft | Bottle Ant Farm Survival # 7


Minecraft Bottle Ant Farm Survival Episode 7 – Game on!

It’s Bottle Ant Farm Survival time again with Frodolishis and DrCron11 on Minecraft . Will they be tempted by cheat sheets or keep fair play.

Minecraft Mods

We are using Bottle Ant Farm Survival found on  Planet Minecraft by Farbenemo.

The Minecraft mission is:

Don’t destroy elements of bottle!

Play with mobs

1.Make melon farm
2.Make wheat farm (5×5)
3.Find 12 apples
4.Make a cake
5.Eat a piece of cake
6.Find golden apple
7.Make mushroom soup
8.Find sugar cane
9.Make sugar cane farm
10.Catch 12 fish

11.Build something with redstone
12.Build a bridge (30 or more blocks of length)
13.Build dirt house
14.Build wooden house
15.Build golden statue (5 blocks of height)
16.Build room underwater
17.Make iron ornaments in house
18.Build house on tree
19.Build house with three floors
20.Build something in Nether
21.Build a tower

22.Kill spider by hand
23.Find pig spawner
24.Kill silverfish
25.Find chicken spawner
26.Kill something by wooden axe
27.Find cow spawner
28.Kill 5 creepers by arrows
29.Kill something in Nether

30.Make bookshelf
31.Make leather armor 
32.Find 10 chests
33.Find obsidian 
34.Find button
35.Find mine 
36.Make iron armor
37.Make glass 
38.Find stone 
39.Find special chest 
40.Make compass 
41.Find mushroom room
42.Make fishing rod 
43.Enter the Nether 
44.Find soul sand 
45.Make boat 
46.Find coal ore 
47.Make 24 arrows 
48.Make iron door 
49.Find diamond ore 
50.Make wooden tools 
51.Make iron tools 
52.Make diamond tools
53.Make bucket 
54.Find lava source 
55.Find creeper face 
56.Find clay
57.Find gravel 
58.Make something with bricks 
59.Make Enchantement Table
60.Enchant an item


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