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Minecraft Cake Defense Episode 2 – Macminecraft

Its Minecraft Cake Defense 2, Frodolishis, Mizdog and Drcron11 try and defend the Minecraft cake with the Cake Defense 2 mod. Was it a success or not?

Minecraft Mods

Cake Defense by Disco

The Minecraft Mod Mission

In Minecraft Cake Defense you much Defend the cake from 24 waves of Herobrine’s minions.

  • 1-3 Players.
  • 25 Mob types.
  • Attack, Defense and Agility upgrades.
  • Special abilities.
  • 2500+ Command blocks!

Tips in Cake Defense:

  • In the early waves the bow is your friend.
  • Get the Double Gold ability whenever you can afford it.
  • There is normally a candle that is not spawning mobs in the early rounds. Use it ;)
  • In multiplayer work together in the same area of the cake.

Please post here for help and support: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1815675-game152cake-defense-2/

If you are having any problems reset the game by: 

  • typing /gamemode c
  • fly up and press the Admin button (above the next wave button)
  • then press Reset Game

Some mods interfere with command blocks and loaded chunks, play with a clean install of MC

Command blocks need to be enabled on servers
This game is not compatible with Bukkit

Special thanks to CNB_Minecraft for Testing/Balancing

OCD texture pack: http://www.ocddisco.com/ocdpack/

Website: http://www.ocddisco.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ocddisco

Facebook: http://facebook.com/fvdisco

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/fvdisco


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