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Give Players items with Command Blocks in Minecraft

command block is a redstone component that can execute commands when activated. Because it cannot be obtained legitimately in survival mode, it is primarily used on multiplayer servers and in custom maps.

Obtaining and Usage

According to Minecraft Wiki:


Command blocks cannot be crafted and do not generate naturally during world generation. They also are not available in the creative inventory.

Command blocks can be obtained through various commands (requires enabled cheats in singleplayer, or an operatorin multiplayer):

  • /give <player> minecraft:command_block <amount> (using @p for player will give the command block to the nearest person)
  • /setblock <x> <y> <z> minecraft:command_block
  • /summon Item <x> <y> <z> {Item:{id:minecraft:command_block,Count:1}}

Using 137 instead of minecraft:command_block also works in the current version, but not in the current snapshots or future versions.

Command blocks can also be obtained by using the “pick block” control (defaults to the middle mouse button) on an existing command block.


The command block can execute commands, such as giving experience to a player. To change the command executed by the block, right-click it to open the command block interface.

redstone comparator can be used to determine whether or not a command block’s command succeeded, as well as the number of times it succeeded in a single execution.

A command block cannot be broken in survival mode, is not flammable, and has the same blast resistance as bedrockmaking it difficult to destroy with explosions (impossible in survival, but possible with custom explosions). A command block cannot be pushed by a piston, but can be destroyed by an Ender dragon.


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