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Minecraft Hypixel Cops and Crims – Smooth Criminals

Minecraft Cops and Crims with Frodolishis and Mizdog pits the Cops against the Crims in this action packed Cops and Crims  Hypixel Server.

server ip: mc.hypixel.net

About the Minigame

Inspired by Counter-Strike, this new game features a custom resource pack that will completely change your Minecraft experience. All you have to do is join the lobby and queue up for some 8 versus 8 action in one of the 4 launch maps we have available for you!

As a cop, your goal is to defend the bomb sites and as a criminal your objective is to plant the bomb. After 4 rounds, the teams swap around and the first team to reach 5 wins will be victorious.

Play now! You know the address! mc.hypixel.net :)

Unique Gun System

For Cops and Crims, we expanded on our new gun mechanics that were first introduced in the Blocking Dead. (Blocking Dead was actually a test for Cops and Crims! More on that later!) Other servers with gungames have their guns based on arrows or snowballs fired in Minecraft, which are subject to a lot of bugs and problems – like not firing through staircases or half blocks. – for our gun system we created something entirely new that would avoid these problems!

Our system is unique in that we do bullet calculations like real FPS games like Call of Duty / Battlefield etc do , this is called Raytracing. We won’t bore you with the details, but it means that it allows us to do things like have headshot detection, and firing through things that would normally block arrows. We are also able to fire bullets without issues at 20 times a second!

A hint for new players! When you fire the gun, it actually has recoil – use the trails you see from the bullets – for guns like a rifle. The gun pulls “up” like it would in real life. So aim lower to deal with the recoil! The more you play, the better you get.

Private Games

To help our community setup their own private games for fun or potential tournaments, we added a new command that you can use to challenge other parties for a 8 versus 8 by typing /p challenge

I hope this feature will bring epic guild versus guilds battles within our community! But rest assured, that won’t stop us from doing official tournaments.

Lobby Shop

Since this is a full game, there is a shop with tons of upgrades, perks and skins to spend your Coins on! Some features are not released yet like the character progression.


The upgrades that requires ranks are purely cosmetics, to keep the game balanced for all players.

Official Trailer

Our official trailer for the game is still being edited, we once again got the help from a 3D animator that will be revealed when the trailer is ready!

Potential Gamemodes

Even if the game was inspired by Counter-Strike, our game Cops and Criminals has no limits and we plan to do future updates to make it unique and give that Hypixel vibe. We potentially can add gamemodes like Bank Heist, Hijacking Missions, Prison Escape, Hostage Rescue, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and more!


Achievements are coming soon.

Balancing Guns

Unlike other games, the game has a spreadsheet that the server pulls from to get the values, that means we can balance the game at any time, instantly, with no patches required.

Random Stuff

We have been working on this for quite a while, in fact The Blocking Dead was our first test to see if we would have issues with resource packs being forced upon players, and if they would enjoy our newly invented gungame system. This new “feature” allow us to be more creative when it comes to games, which means you will see even more unique games from us in the future, as we expect some of the upcoming games to be using our new resource pack systems.

The resource pack currently used in Cops and Crims is 100% custom by paid artists and is copyrighted to us and us only to be used on the Hypixel server. If you see it used elsewhere, please let us know.

Need Help?

If you are having trouble with the resource pack, click here.
If you find a bug, please post it here.
If you have a suggestion, please post it here.


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