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Minecraft TNT Games on the Hypixel Server

Minecraft TNT Games on the Hypixel Server with Frodolishis and Mizdogs trying out the the different mini games available from the TNT Games lobby. http://youtu.be/c93Z9Wdv8P8

About TNT Games on Hypixel

TNT Games is a group of mini-games on mc.hypixel.net.

TNT Wizards

Starting the game: The game will start when there is enough people, in the meantime you can choose your class (Pyro, Quaker, Icewizard, Witherwizard and Medic) and you can choose your team (red, green, yellow and blue). When the game starts: Your class will be given to you and you start fighting, blowing up everything and going to the middle of the map. Aim: One aim is to kill people to stop them from getting into the middle, another aim is to go into the center of the map (where the beacon is) and stand on it to get points! The first team to get 1000 points wins!


Starting the game: The game will start with just waiting for people and waiting for it to begin etc. When the game starts: Run around like CRAZY and try and not fall down layers Aim: To run and try and make people fall down until they fall into the void like this mini-game Perks/Power-ups: There is currently only 1 power-up but 2 one-time potions. The 1 power-up is activated by double-space and is called “Double Jump” which lets you jump twice is a row. The 2 potions are “Speed Potion” and “Splash Potion of Slowness” and has a one time use which does what it says!


THIS GAME IS NOT OUT YET!! What It Is ‘Bomberman’ is a mini-game that is similar and based off of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game which is named Bomberman. This game was developed by most of the admins in the staff such as codename_B, Hypixel, AgentKid, NeonMaster and other staff and people who develop maps and lobbies for the game ‘Bomberman’. What You Do When you get into a game of Bomberman the first thing you do is wait for people to join in the lobby, while you are waiting you have the option to choose a team and class. There are 4 teams, those teams are the primary colors, which are red, blue, green, and yellow. You can also choose between 4 classes as of the first version of Bomberman, all of them contain a TNT block that you start off with, which are named “Companion Cube” and respawns in your inventory every time you use it. There are 2 default classes and 2 VIP classes as of now. There are also perks located in the shop, to access the shop simply right click the emerald in your inventory in the TNT Games lobby. This goes for every other game in the TNT Games lobby as well. [Default] Archer: The Archer class contains a regular bow and 64 arrows in it. [Default] Warrior: The Warrior class contains a regular stone sword in it. [VIP] Axeman: The axeman class contains a golden axe that is mainly used for knockback on it, as it contains the knockback enchantment on the axe. [VIP] Knight: The Knight class contains a wooden sword that is great for killing creepers as it 1 hit KOs the creepers in-game. Playing Bomberman When you first start playing Bomberman the first thing you’ll notice is that you are locked inside of a corner just like the other 3 teams that are playing against you. To get out of these corners you need to put the TNT that you are given on a redstone block to break through walls throughout the map, thus revealing paths and getting closer to your enemies. The TNT has a 7 block radius as it 1 hit kills any enemy that it touches. But beware, because there are mossy cobblestone walls that contain creepers and super-charged creepers behind them, if you don’t react fast, you may be killed! The next thing you will be doing is collecting gunpowder and coins throughout the map by killing your enemy and creepers. Enemies drop half of the gunpowder that they have in their inventory and you get 5 coins by killing them as well. Creepers drop 2 gunpowder when they’re killed. The way you win is by collecting 103 gunpowder, I hope this helped you!

Bow Spleef 2.0

Starting the game: When you join there will be a brief wait for waiting players to join. When that time is finished you’ll have 15 seconds to spread out. When the game starts: Make holes for your opponent to fall through . Aim: To shoot your bow and happily make the opponent and entrance to the void . You can use power-ups (new to 2.0) like Double Jump, Triple Arrow and Repulsor! The last man standing wins Perks/Power-ups: There are 3 power-ups in Bow Spleef 2.0. One is “Double Jump” activated by double-space is a power-up which lets you jump twice in a row, “Triple Arrow” is activated by left clicking and makes you fire 3 arrows at once, “Repulsor” is activated by shift-clicking and gets all the players around you to get fired away. Coins and the Shop: The coins and shop is W.I.P because not all games within TNT Games have been implemented. However this is a sneak peek of the FULL shop Yes this is legit so don’t ask. Another sneak peek is that the bottom row of perks is for Bomberman .


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