Minecraft – Iron Rose # 8 – The Great Escape


Minecraft Iron Rose Episode 8 – The Great Escape

Frodolishis and Drcron11 continue the great Minecraft escape from the Iron Rose Prison with the help of Inspector Mizdog!

Minecraft Mods

Iron Rose Texture Pack and Map by Slaimcraft

Minecraft Mod Mission

The Iron Rose is an advanced Puzzle/Adventure map that focuses on story and problemsolving rather than endless streams of mobs. Put your minecraft knowledge to the test in your pursuit of freedom. 


  • Custom Textures
  • Custom Sounds
  • Interactive Storyline
  • Advanced Puzzles
  • 2-4 Hours of Gameplay

The map is made for singleplayer but works in multiplayer too!

What to do if you get stuck, and believe me, you will:

Step 1: Investigate the rooms closely, search for details that sticks out.

Step 2: Look at your “own” thoughts in the chat. They often contains clues on how to beat the current puzzle.

Step 3: Think logically. The puzzles often have simple solutions, you just have to see it from the right perspective

Step 4: If all above fails, try asking on the forums if someone else have beaten the puzzle and can help you.

Step 5: Lie down and cry

Be warned, this map contains mild swearing and drug references.


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