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100 Subscriber Special – Survival Games with Guns

Frodolishis, Mizdog and XO10 celebrate 100 Youtube subscribers with a Minecraft Survival Games Special.

Youtube Subscribers

We looked at Wikipedia to see which¬†Youtube sites that lots of people subscribe. It’s pretty interesting:

The most subscribed user on YouTube is a position that only one user on the website can hold at a time. Over time, ten have been documented reaching the position. As of July 27, 2014, the most subscribed user is PewDiePie, with 29 million subscribers.

nigahiga is documented to have the longest consecutive run as the most subscribed user, with 677 days (701 in total). Smosh holds the record for the highest accumulative number of days as #1, with 758. Smosh has reached the #1 position on three separate occasions, which is also a record (later matched by PewDiePie). The total number of days since May 17, 2006 (When the YouTube Subscriber Charts were first released) is 3004. Smosh has been number 1 for approximately 25.2% with 758 days.

The ability to “subscribe” to a user’s videos was added to YouTube by late October 2005, so the numbers of subscribers needed to be most subscribed were relatively small at first. The “most subscribed” list on YouTube began being listed by a chart on the site by May 2006, at which time Smosh was #1 with fewer than 3,000 subscribers. Smosh at that time was more than 1,500 subscribers higher than second placed FilthyWhore at 1469.

Notes: Though the earliest archived all time list is from May 17, 2006, the earliest archived past month list was from May 3, two weeks earlier.


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