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Minecraft Sheep Quest Extreme Sheep Herding Video

Minecraft sheep herders Frodolishis and Mizdog play the Mineplex Server Sheep Quest. The aim of the game is to Capture sheep from the middle or from your opponents. The team with the most sheep at the end wins.

Mineplex Minecraft Server

Mineplex is one of the many ‘hub’ servers of Minecraft. Since adding the youtuber CaptainSparklez to its roster, it’s player count has multiplied greatly, allowing to become one of biggest servers currently available.

It offers a whole host of Minigames, ranging from the Bridges to Super Paintball.

The server itself currently has 18 gamemodes, with more planned. it is based in both the EU and US, the US having the larger player count than the EU.

It has two main servers, eu.mineplex.com, and us.mineplex.com. However, in reality, there are many more servers to handle the different games and lobbies.

Sheep Quest

Aim of the game

Capture sheep from the middle or from your opponents. The team with the most sheep at the end wins.

How to play

When you spawn, it will be in a quadrant of a circular arena. You will have an empty dirt pen ahead of you. Sheep spawn in the middle of the arena.

Right click with the saddle to pick up a sheep. You will have a block of wool in your inventory when you pick it up. Run back into your pen. Once you are inside the pen, the sheep will automatically drop into it. Sheep that are in pens do not wander off. You can carry up to 3 sheep at a time, and the number you are carrying is displayed by the wool blocks on your hotbar. You can steal sheep from your opponents’ pens in the same way. The sheep’s coat becomes the colour of your team once it is inside your pen.

Note that if you are attacked, even if you are not killed, you will drop all the sheep you are carrying, which will then either head back to the middle or towards the pen you stole them from, depending on where you obtained it. The more sheep you are carrying, the slower you will move.


  • Berserker – Right clicking your axe propels you forward in the direction you are facing. Good for chasing down people.
  • Archer (2000 gems) – You can shoot people with a bow and arrow. Given an arrow every few seconds.
  • Brute (Ultra kit) – You can pick up your teammates in addition to picking up sheep, and you can throw whatever you are carrying at people, dealing damage to them. You can also choose to throw sheep into your pen so that you don’t have to walk the whole distance there.


Make sure that at least one player in your team is defending your pen and your sheep. Otherwise, other teams will simply steal your sheep.

If your team has the highest number of sheep in the pen, your pen becomes a more likely target. Sometimes the other teams may even team up against the winning team. Be sure to beef up your defense when you’ve got a lot of sheep.
If you want to get hit less when in PvP, you can try strafing.

Attacking a heavily guarded enemy sheep pen alone isn’t the best idea. Try to get a teammate to distract the guards while you steal their sheep from behind (or vice versa).




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