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Minecraft Spleef on Minecraft Realms with H00D1E_N1NJA

It’s Minecraft  Spleef time across the world. Frodolishi and H00D1E_N1NJA play Spleef on Minecraft Realms.

About Spleef

Minecraft Wiki explains a Spleef:

Spleef is one of many popular player-invented games played in Minecraft. The overall objective is to be the last player standing. The name is a play on the word grief as the game involves destroying blocks. The game can be played entirely in vanilla. Though the peak of its popularity was in Minecraft Classic, it has since made a comeback in Beta and the full release.


Typically, Spleef games take place in a stadium, or elevated surface which consists of a generally large platform of blocks, known as the Spleef block. The platform is usually surrounded by a building for people to spectate.

The goal is to destroy blocks on the platform near or under the opponent to cause them to fall, while avoiding suffering that fate yourself. Those who fall from the platform lose the round, and can fall into a pit, lava, or many other cruel fates designed by the stadium constructors. In some variations the losers fall onto additional platforms to play for second place. Creating blocks during the playing of Spleef is not usually allowed, except in variations. The time Spleef matches take depends on the size of the stadium, and Spleef can be played individually or on teams.

In Beta, since blocks aren’t instantly destroyed when clicked on, the Spleef block is typically an easy to destroy material. For example, some common Spleef blocks are netherrack, snow blocks, wool, dirt, leaves, TNT, and clay blocks. More often than not, players are given tools to help destroy the blocks more quickly. However, since the Creative mode in Beta 1.8 which allows instant block destruction, this isn’t necessary unless the world that the spleef arena is located is in survival mode. Creative mode generally isn’t used for a server’s main Spleef arena, because it gives players the opportunity to cheat by using the fly function, and by placing blocks such as bedrock.


Spleef was started on a server before June 23, 2009 soon after the Classic Multiplayer Creative Mode release. According to the first wiki entry, the rules and name were created by Greenslimy, Pentaclam and Maulrus. It first gained popularity after Notch blogged about this article on his Tumblr.[1] Soon after, a plethora of spleef servers and variations sprung up. Spleef instantly caught on in Minecraft Classic, while slowly also gaining popularity in Alpha, which soon became Beta. It is considerably popular in the latest version of Minecraft today, with almost every major public server having some sort of Spleef arena.

It is questionable, but it could have started as a port from Blockland to minecraft. In 2004, in Blockland was a “spleef” where you would throw spears at the blocks and they would disappear, thus killing anyone on them. Someone who played this may have re-created it in Minecraft and others started doing it too.
Tron 2.0 featured a similar game mode in 2002, with opposing teams using the Tron disc to destroy platforms on either side of a chasm.


Spleef has a few basic rules to ensure a fair experience without being too restrictive, but as with many activities, rules vary greatly from one server to another.

  •  Creating blocks between the game’s start and end is forbidden.
  • Creating or destroying blocks after you have lost the round is not allowed.
  • The losers must replace the blocks that were deleted during the game after the round is over. (Optional, occasionally a script is used instead)
  • If players have entered a stalemate and are all on separate “islands,” and unable to access each other to continue play, either the person with the most space wins, or the arena is reset to continue play. Usually, the latter will only happen in arenas that use a script to reset the play field.
  • Hitting players is against the rules, except in variations.


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