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Minecraft Turf Wars – Defend your Turf!

Minecraft Turf Wars is a fight to the death Minecraft game server Frodolishis and MizDogs play the Turf Wars.

About Turf Wars

You wake up in a huge town, filled with strangers who are eyeballing you. You see blood-hungry citizens, attacking each other for the smallest amount of loot. You see a blood-stained castle, as if it is threatening you, saying “You’re next.” You see it all. You’re a nobody. You think you’re strong, but you’re not. Prove me wrong, and you’ll be rewarded with money and treasure for your armory. What are you waiting for? Join the constant fight for power, destroying others in your path.

What is Turf-Wars?

Turf-Wars is a minecraft PvP server, founded on June 8, 2011. Since then, we’ve been the top PvP server, with a huge player base, which makes raiding nand PvP even funner. We know what you want, because it’s what we want. We have organized PvP areas (Warzone Castles, for example), Mob Arenas, PvP Arenas, McMMO, countless plugins that will enhance your gameplay, player-owned shops, a wonderful player-run economy, and amazing structures. These are some of the hundreds of things we have included inn Turf-Wars to keep you happy.

Why should I play?

In think the real question is, Why shouldn’t I play. We are a wonderful server, with wonderful players. Turf-Wars was born when a Minecraft High-Risk building group lost the server they loved. We’ve organized our server to the point that there is always something to do no matter what type of minecraft server you are looking for. We have mini-games, planned events, endless raiding, and are currently working on opening up a build server.

About our Server

Ourn server is hosted at Lime Stone Networks, a government-class datacenter. We have our own development team including PHP, HTML, and Java coders. Our server is very stable, hosted on a node with the following nspecifications:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270
  • 16GB RAM
  • 100MB Dedicated Port
  • KVMi to ensure a fast return in the case of a network attack.
  • Custom stable in-house coded Control Panel thanks to our Developer.

When don’t substitute price for quality. We’re not going to treat have community on trash, and host it on a cheap server. We want you to have nthe best experience, and if the price is going to be hefty, so be it.




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